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1)The players start at the starting point (Ascend field in the outer circle). The player with the higher number of dice starts. You play with 2 dice. The game is played counterclockwise.

2)The game board consists of 3 levels. The goal of the game is to get to the last level to receive the oracle’s prophecy.

3)On the game board there are:
Symbol fields:
Each one embodies a category of prompts. By clicking on the corresponding icon on the display, a text prompt is randomly displayed. The player has to fulfill the command

Empty fields:
On these fields the players get to hear a sound. When entering one of these fields the player has to click on the empty card.

Command fields:
-Ascend: The player enters the next level and a candle is lit.
-Repent: The player must go back one level, the candle is blown out.
-Punishment: The player is "punished" or pardoned by rolling 6 dice twice.

Only when all players have reached the last level, the oracle may be questioned. Click on the screen again and the audiovisual divination starts.
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