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Art Game



AR Artpiece


Exhibited at IAA MOBILITY München 2023

Lucid Dreams Festival, St. Pölten


*Game of Hearts

Videogame & Music Video


with Silentsevir

Exhibited at Digital Daydream, Artsect Gallery London 2023

ADAF 2024 Athens Digital Arts Festival

*Transcendent Reverie



AI Artwork


Exhibited at Red Eye Metazine "AI Freedom Issue" &

Adam meets Eve Pavilion, The Wrong Biennale 

Official Selection ASVOFF15 Festival


Game & Exhibition Piece

in Experimental Game Cultures

with Ivan Jakaric


Unity Experience, Clothing Piece, AR Filter


Exhibited at Angewandte Festival 2023

*AI Oracle Play

Game & Performance Play

in Experimental Game Cultures

with Janine Scheer Erb


Boardgame, Unity Experience, Performance


Exhibited at Amaze Festival Berlin

*[XR] NOE | Human Nature

Extended Reality Project in Lower Austria with Markus Wintersberger, Andrea Nagl, Jascha Süss & The Artificial Museum (System Kollektiv)


Documentation, Social Media, CI, Motion Graphics


Exhibited at Museum Niederösterreich, St. Pölten


AN AI CALLED DIOTIMA questions the possibilities of gaining knowledge and wisdom through the dialogue with AI


Exhibited at NRW Forum, Düsseldorf in "Welcome to Paradise" from August 2021 to January 2022 and at 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival Tāctus

*error 404 - sorry I'm currently not available, I'm dreaming

Commissioned by CIVA Festival 2021

A digital Website-Installation which focuses on the topics "Selfcare" and "Digital Wellness"

Can a digital entity ever stop processing?

Unreal things fly through space
*Unreal things fly through space - A granular machine memory

Mixed Media & VR Installation, Janine Scheer & Catherine Spet, 2021

The artwork opens a journey through the matter of time, into the memory fragments of a seemingly real place, a collectively archived space-time continuum.

Exhibited at  Kaleidoskop kulture Festival 2021, Novi Sad

Exhibition Lab

An Exhibition by EXME Kollektiv in August 2021


"Sehnsuchtsräume" describes the attempt of a group of young artists to gain a foothold, to locate themselves and to expand spatially and intellectually


A Video &  Room Installation Exhibited at 'Sehnsuchtsräume' by EXME Kollektiv in August 2021


The installation is composed of an AI-generated prayer or call to a superpower, visually supported with religious symbolisms distorted and interpreted by the machine.

*eXmedia 2020

Website & Online Exhibition


Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien

FH St. Pölten


*Solely you it's not

ARTWORKS! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

"Solely You It’s Not" is a work produced by a group from the town of St. Pölten in Austria with the artist collective of Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond


Open Art Mediation & Science based Experiment - FH St. Pölten / Digital Design - Experimental Media Studies

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