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Commissioned by CIVA Festival 2021

A digital Website-Installation which focuses on the topics "Selfcare" and "Digital Wellness"

Can a digital entity ever stop processing?



In an accelerating digital world, it is increasingly difficult to simply switch off and pause for a moment. At a time where the virtual sphere, which in recent months has become not an escape from but rather an escape into reality, is becoming increasingly important and the "online persona" is merging more and more with the "offline me," it is important to consciously take time off to breathe deeply, to reflect, to meditate. But what happens during downtime when everything seems to stand still and the system is switched to standby?

Is there a digital unconscious? Can a digital entity ever stop processing? Can humans? 

Based on the YouTube trend of the "Self Care Routine", where influencers give personal tips on how to bring routine back into everyday life and how to experience the "lockdown“-life more consciously and mindfully, those tips are used as input for a Language Model (HAIM-1.5), which generates a synthetic text. This text is the basis for a series of imagined images that are processed using an AttnGAN network. 

“What could be a better way to spend time? Maybe you'll find some of the answers to some of these questions buried in the darkness of your unconscious mind. 

Take some time off. Try this activity too. Why are you still here?“

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