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TRANSFORMATION - oder: Der Versuch Kunst und Leben zu vereinen

Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien in Kooperation mit der Landesgalerie Niederösterreich

#eXperimentalmuseum - Kunst, Vermittlung & Experiment Eine Projektkooperation der Landesgalerie Niederösterreich und der FH St. Pölten, Studiengänge Medientechnik & Digital Design / Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien 

Team Lehrende: Eva Fischer, Patrik Lechner, Christian Munk, Antony Raijekov, Thomas Wagensommerer, Marcus Josef Weiss und Markus Wintersberger / Team Studierende / Masterstudiengang Digital Design, Masterklasse Experimentelle Medien: Georg Bohac, Zoe Gendron, Rebekka Grüner, Franziska Hinteregger, Dominik Igel, Markus Kohlhofer, Melinda Major, Klaudia Petrova, Inge Rudnicki, Karl Schauer-Dejo, Janine Scheer, Catherine Spet, Jakob Suess, Kerstin Schwarz / Team Studierende / Bachelor Studiengang Medientechnik / Projektsemester Experimentelle Medien: Sebastian Bachtrögler, Ines Blatterer, Laura Jelinek, David Kierberger, Antonio Labuhar, Erich Linha, Lukas Messner, Laurenz Öllinger, Tobias Schermann, Nikolaus Wiener


LGNOE Deconstruction


With the beginning of the academic year 2019 / 2020, students of the FH St. Pölten from the study programs Bachelor Media Technology and Master Digital Design / Master Class Experimental Media will deal with the architecture of the Landesgalerie Niederösterreich. The building, designed by Marte.Marte Architects, resembles a dancing cube, forms the center of the Art Mile Krems and shines with its "sequin dress" not only symbolically beyond the region Krems / Wachau. As a powerful sign and place of art, the building occupies space, takes its rightful place in society. What kind of space does art need and how does a contemporary place for art take shape in a dynamic reality that is expanding through media? How does the view of art and the view of art on us experience a shift and thus a new perception of the world and meaning?

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