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Exhibition Lab

An Exhibition by EXME Kollektiv in August 2021


"Sehnsuchtsräume" describes the attempt of a group of young artists to gain a foothold, to locate themselves and to expand spatially and intellectually



As a group of masterclass students, we spent the last year as a group in digital worlds and intensively dealt with the possibilities and limitations of these. In world of bits and bytes and the longing for the ephemeral, for the physical and for making our works "walkable". We see "Sehnsuchtsräume" as our return to analog space, where finding and owning space becomes the subject of our artistic exploration. We want to create a hybrid experience in a mixture of physical exhibition physical space and digital non-space. This interplay of different states makes the changeability of a seemingly unchangeable space possible and at the same time makes the exact same sensation by different people impossible.

The question will be explored as to what "space" actually means in times such as those of the "lockdown" and whether digitality is not the only way to locate oneself here. We try to create an interplay of different media such as a video stream, an audio narration, a digital Mozilla hubs space, a series of photographic memory places.

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