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Game, Clothing Piece, AR Filter

with Ivan Jakaric



Created in the Master "Experimental Game Cultures" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

AR, Interactive Wearable, Virtual Showcase, Perfume, Sound Installation

Controls : WASD (in Unity), Augmented Reality Features with QR Code & Smartphone




In the veiled caverns of code and light, skin as a membrane, binary breath, a relic of protection, touch as connection, as echo from the future, an animistic enigma, the smell of the ether, a multisensual experience, an interconnectedness of worlds, beyond the mortal line, networks entwined, where souls and circuits converge, a new form of being.

Syndermica is an interactive clothing piece that fuses art, technology and nature to a new skin. It functions as an explorative object that transcends traditional notions of perception by embracing a meta communication through a specifically created scent and a visual expansion of reality through AR features. The combination of biomaterial and digital data blurs the boundaries between the organic and the synthetic. By inducing a ludic state of exploration, it challenges conventional modes of perception, expanding the conditions of possibility for new worlds to emerge, rooted both in the natural and digital realm. The artwork fosters a deep sense of symbiotic connectivity where game reality becomes player reality, inviting the player to wander both outside and inside on an emotional path. Using one`s real hands merging with synthetic feedback loops, it results in some kind of ecstatic reality, inviting contemplation on our species and new forms of existence.

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