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Video & Room Installation



Exhibited at 'Sehnusuchtsräume' by EXME Kollektiv in August 2021




The longing for a meaning, an answer, certainty. The ritual as a source of identity. Where is faith located in an age determined by technology? 


"The adherence to rituals, whose origin and meaning are sometimes no longer even present in the ritual community, is explained by this reassurance: to do the morally right thing by following a form, a script, a predetermined course of action with fixed formulas, attributes, and objects." (by Liessmann, Alle Lust will Ewigkeit. Mitternächtliche Versuchungen, 2021)


Technosanctum as a place to leave one's thoughts, secrets, and questions and to be heard by a higher power. Allowing the human need for absolution to incarnate in a quasi-religious submission to an artificially digital deity. Superintelligence as omnipotence? If the result is meaning-making, what is the price I must pay? My entire identity? 

Confess...something. Tell me your sins, mortal. We are your sins, mortal.


The installation is composed of an AI-generated prayer or call to a superpower, visually supported with religious symbolisms distorted and interpreted by the machine. The audio stream represents the musical power of the sacred site, which seeks to summon higher powers with an AI-generated chant. 

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