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Unreal things fly through space - A granular machine memory

Mixed Media & VR Installation

Janine Scheer & Catherine Spet, 2021

Part of 

"The Great Liman - Matter through Time. Sand, wood, stone, metal in the age of digitization“,

site specific exhibition and durational performance 

Novi Sad, Kaleidoskop Kulture Festival, 2.9. - 8.10.2021


We are approaching a foreign place. What narratives in the form of moving images, signs, texts, sounds and above all digital traces can we find? We create a picture of the space. We research and link information to information and thus try to explore the specific space-time pattern. We create a fiction. We have never visited the real place ourselves. Our knowledge is based exclusively on digital artefacts.


Janine Scheer-Erb, Catherine Spet, Andrea Nagl, Christian Munk, Thomas Wagensommerer and Markus Wintersberger


Novi Sad, Kaleidoskop kulture 


A project with the support of the State of Lower Austria - K1 Culture, the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and the European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2022


Unreal things fly through space


The artwork "Unreal things fly through space - A granular machine memory" (Простор лети нестварне ствари) opens a journey through the matter of time, into the memory fragments of a seemingly real place, a collectively archived space-time continuum.

Here, digital data becomes the only tangible medium to retrieve forgotten stories and hidden places. Like a network that is invisible but always there, the artwork leads into a narrative of digital associations and connections of an alien-familiar place, guided by a digital "I" - a machine intelligence.

An artificial intelligence has no body, which is a prerequisite for the interaction between body and brain. Completely without material location in the analog world: can an artificial intelligence experience trauma? Whose memory is then shown here?

Can a feeling of closeness arise? 

Does the memory space exist through time independently of the perceiving subject, or does it only come into being through being walked through?

- They are always there, but I don't even see them, but I can feel them (Они су увек ту, али ја их ни не видим, Али их осећам)

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